Company Profile

Maclean Valley 2 Coast Real Estate specialises in helping you sell, buy or rent your property. Covering the entire Lower Clarence region from Maclean.

The Lower Clarence has a perfect location. With its own convenient shopping facilities and beautiful surrounds it’s an ideal choice for those wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, for the more relaxed, community atmosphere. Beautiful views, glorious beaches, and central to many of the east coast’s most stunning attractions.


At Maclean Valley 2 Coast Real Estate, vendors are dealing direct with the Owner/Principals and as a result, we feel we can offer more personalised,professional service.

We do what it takes to get you the premium price, not just merely secure a sale. We`re interested in building relationships – our clients are not simply transactions. We would like to earn your trust, through exceptional service and in time become your agency of choice. We put you first, by understanding and assisting with your real estate challenges.


Our activities are directed solely towards the marketing and successful sale of properties exclusively listed with our agency.

This is an important difference which sets us aside from other agencies and the benefits to our vendors are:

· Consistently higher prices
· A quicker, more efficient sale
· The least inconvenience


We have found our registered business name, “Maclean Valley 2 Coast Real Estate”, a rather obvious benefit as the name itself creates enquiry.


Our registered web site, “”, has also been a constant source of enquiry, for obvious reasons! This website is extremely user friendly and designed to provide quick and easy access to the properties we are marketing.

We also are part of the website and all our properties are listed on this website as well. We have found to be the favoured search engine to browse real estate amongst potential buyers.


We have a number of additional marketing strategies which increase the enquiry rate on our properties and result in quicker, more efficient sales.

For example our newspaper advertisements are larger and more descriptive than those of our fellow agents. The reason for this is simple – by writing a “targeted” advertisement that is specific to the property we are marketing and not just a generalised advertisement. This is designed to attract buyers in a certain price range, so with all the attention is focused is on your property, and very often the ad will “qualify” the buyer and make a sale much easier.


We cannot guarantee that we will sell your property – however what we can guarantee is this:

After 5 to 6 weeks of marketing your property, we will either have sold it for a price you are happy with, or we will be able to show you beyond any reasonable doubt exactly where your property sits in the market place.